Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Hampton Paper Style

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! It always brings back great memories as my mom made my sister Meri and I the best homemade costumes. We planned what were were going to be for months.
After trick or treating, we spent hours sorting our candy by type, trading pieces and with an overload of hersey bars we made our own peanut butter cups.
This year, the costumes are on the way from "Marmee".... Thomas is going to be batman and Jackson will be a chef. We just sent our photocards to the printer. We are using the halloween scene this year. This image is also perfect for the goody bags for the trick or treators.
For those of you who with kids you can start something fun in the neighborhood by going to Its a fun way to get kids excited about the upcoming holiday. And ofcourse HPD is here if you want personalized stickers for the bags.