Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We Moved!

We packed up and moved....but not too far! Please follow us on our new blog site. Click here. Thanks!

Friday, March 1, 2013

A Blank Canvas

Is there anything more tempting to an artists than a blank canvas? For the two young artist in my house, the answer would be "no". Since they are exposed to Hampton Paper Designs and the beauty of art on a daily basis, I often hear them say "I want to be an artist when I grow up".

Today we are having the Graham and Ball Frames Wall Paper installed in their computer room. I thought it was the idea way for them to unleash their creative side and make the room their own.

When Hampton Paper Designs was featured in Long Island Press last year, I noticed a feature on Benjamin Moore Chalkboard paint. I didn't realize the Chalkboard paint is available in any color.  I choose a dark navy blue,Stunnin,g to go below the chair rail.  The art wall paper + chalkboard paint seemed like a winning combination.

I cant wait to see the kids faces when they arrive home and see the wallpaper. This is an ideal project for a chilly weekend in March. Stay tuned for "after" photos.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Champagne Brunch

Doesn't a Champagne Brunch sound like a great idea for the first weekend in March? It's been rainy and cold here in the Washington, DC area and I cant think of any better way to start my weekend than with my Gourmet Club friends and brunch!
I have mentioned before I have a close group of friends in my Gourmet Club and we meet monthly to eat, drink and socialize. We rotate houses and themes and include a few guest in addition to the core 6. We have been doing it for years and its so much fun. Last month, we had a Superbowl theme and you had to bring a dish that was from SF or Baltimore. A++ for everyone's creativity!
This month its back at my house and in an effort to mix it up a bit, I thought a brunch might be just the perfect suggestion! I know my husband is looking forward to make a huge omelet bar for all the guests. As for me, my favorite coffee cake recipe from Cotton Country Cookbook.
I have a busy few days ahead..setting the tables, flowers and of course setting up a little candy bar for all the kids. We are expecting 17 people. Here's to hoping that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

March Virtual Book Club Selection: Beyond Belief

If you are participating in our virtual book club, here's the March Selection. Beyond Belief, My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape. I started it yesterday on the train to NYC and can't put it down!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Love NY

I am heading to the Big Apple today. Quick day trip filled with a million memories. There is no better feeling then traveling to the state you will always consider home. Looking for new image inspiration along the way. Happy Wednesday. Hope you are enjoying your week!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Brighter Days

Right about now, mid February I have cabin fever and I am on the verge of going stir crazy. I feel like I cannot take these cold blustery winter days for one more second.  I am my mother's daughter and decided this weekend to take a break from all my HPD New Year's goals (which are coming along so nicely, check check and check)  and head to Neiman Marcus for a quick pick me up.  I purchased Bobbi Brown's Extra Bright Skin Collection and I must say it did the trick and then some. My skin glows. As I embrace yet another cold blustery Monday in Washington, DC I am optimistic that I am within 30 days of spring!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! 
Here's how we celebrated today.
Enjoy your day! XOXO, HPD

Bus Stop Happy Hour Candy Bags! 

For the ladies in the school office! I see them every time I go by the school.

Valentine's for Teachers.

Some Days... Part II

In a blog post in December, I mentioned that as a working mom juggling so many things, I missed the gingerbread house decorating party at my son's school given my hectic schedule. I would be negligent if I didn't also include in a a blog an example of when my work offers me the opportunity to do something that I might otherwise not be able to afford to do.

My youngest son, Jackson is huge Washington Capitals fan and had a 6th birthday coming up in early February. With the exciting announcement in late January that hockey would resume play and an upcoming home game in Washington, DC at the Verizon Center, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take our avid little fan to his first game.

We spared no expense on the gift - 4 tickets, first row behind the penalty boxes, valet parking (my favorite perk), ice cream, pretzels popcorn and drinks to complete the experience. We even had a die hard fan behind us screaming at the refs which provided a lot of color.

I received so many nice and supportive notes from friends and family and words of encouragement that there would be other opportunities. I am headed to the school today for Jackson's Valentine's Day party. I hope  the Caps game +  this party it will compensate for the missed event in December.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Running Out of Time...

Can you believe I started working on these Valentine's in January and am still pressed for time to get them done by Thrs. Wish me luck!Stickers & Candy Bars.

Monday, February 11, 2013

2013: The Year of Firsts

I have shared with you that I have a top 10 goal list for HPD. If you have been reading my blog you may also know I typically try to associate each year with a big personal goal (the year of the engagement, wedding, house, baby, 2nd baby, bigger house, pool etc).  We've come up with a good one for 2013, The Year of Firsts. My son Thomas and I have a goal to try as many new things as possible this year. We checked a number of things off our list in January on our trip to St. John's. My list wasn't quite as impressive as Thomas' but I did try stand up paddle boarding which was incredible! (this is a terrible pic from the trip but the only one I could find!!)

Here's is Thomas' very impressive list:

1.I ate butter that is sold for over $600 a pound
2.saw at least 15 sea turtles
3.paddle boarded
4. Made international friends
5.went snorkeling
6.saw a lobster
7.saw a star fish
8.saw wild donkeys,cats,lizards,and Iguana's
9.tried lobster
10.tried ginger beer
11.saw a angle fish
12. Slept in a hotel room with two floors
13.tried tropical punch 
14.got caught in a riptide
15.went to woody's
16.saw a dolphin
17. Gone on two ferry,s
18.went to the Caribbean
19.saw colonial ruins
20.went to st. Thomas
21.saw three cruise ships
22.deviated a stream
23.rode on a yacht
24.saw thousands of fish
25.riding in a open top cab
26.went to trunk nest
27.did not die at hawk nest

Sunday, February 10, 2013

"I" is for Igloo.

Today is a great day to build an igloo (and debut another new image). Just ask anyone in New England. Thanks to my friend Tori for sharing this adorable pics of her kiddies!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Virtual Book Club: The Secret Keeper

For our next virtual book club we are reading The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. I just got my book in the mail today from Amazon. This book had me at the title! Hope you will join us!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Knit One Pearl Two

"Y" is for yarn. Love the detail and color combo in this new image for our ABC book.                     

Monday, February 4, 2013

Baby Shower Invitations- Elephant or Giraffe?

We are working on baby shower invitations. So many great options! Which do you like best?

Friday, February 1, 2013

J is for Jack in the Box

So new for our ABC Book - "J" is for Jack (in our case, Jackson) in the box. Totally adorable. I can't wait to use this image on correspondence cards.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

X is for Xylophone

Lovin' the new images we received today to complete our ABC book. X is for Xylophone. The colors on this are so vivid! I cant wait to use this image. More new ones to follow.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

My First Book: ABCs

Remember one of my goals for 2013 was writing a  book? We are starting off with a kids ABC book and I am so excited to learn that the images we need to complete the letters of the alphabet will be here next week. Stay tuned for more updates. Wont this be a great baby gift?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Middle Child Syndrome

I don't personally have middle child syndrome as I have only one older sister (probably obvious that I am the baby of the family to most people who know me) but I can't help but feel some compassion for our medium round stickers  (1 1/2 inch). There are so many great ways to use them... I think they get neglected between the glory of the large round stickers and the press worthy small round stickers that fit on the bottom of candy. Let me know what you think!
Ideal to jazz up any lollipop. Personalization is available.

Another sample from a back to school party. Lollipops from Hammond's Candies.
Ohh, the perfect compliment for a Valentine's Day card - This can also be used on the front with a TO: FROM:

Just the right size for a return address label.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Jackson's Sports Party: Favor Boxes

The responses are pouring in for Jackson's 6th Birthday celebration with lots of fabulous comments like there is no more fitting party than one with a sports theme for Jackson. Jackson loves sports, all of them... football, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, car racing, soccer, men's, women's, high school, college, professional - doesn't make a difference to him. He will turn on the TV, find an event pick a team and start cheering. (had I not been in the delivery room when he was born, I would be convinced we weren't related)

I received lots of compliments on the invitations and one note of surprise to the fact that the return address labels (sq solid stickers with all 3 images)  were perfectly coordinated with the same images (umm hello, why would this surprise someone about me?!).  I Just want to be sure our guest know they are in for a good time from the moment the invitations arrive!

I took a quick break from working on Valentine's Day orders to work on the favors. Totally love our new basketball image. (thank you Lucy!!) It completed the look for the theme.

I used the large round stickers without the dots for these Chinese to go boxes. (they are filled with candy and cookies)

Friday, January 18, 2013


I do have a passion for wallpaper and as you may recall if you read the interview I did late last year for Le Papier Studio wallpaper was on my list of  new products I wanted to roll out in 2013.

 If you stop by my house dont be surprised if there is HPD wallpaper in every room on every floor.I especially love wallpaper in a powder room and a closet. It gives the space an element of surprise!

By the way, where was this when I needed fabulous backdrops for my candy tables at the kids parties? Wallpaper is a wonderful solution as its easy to tack or tape to the wall or a board and it doesn't wrinkle like fabric.

I have been working on this blog for over an hour and could just keep going.....Enjoy your weekend!!
Wouldn't this be adorable in a dressing room of a girls boutique?
Game Room.
Great idea for a basement or game room.

Fun for a dentist office or child's bathroom.
Tween Girls Room.
Love this for a closet in a little girls room for a little surprise. Also for anyone who loves William & Kate.
Adorable for a boys room.

My son Jackson would put this in his room + bathroom + closet + ceiling!

My friend Kim will love this one. The peacock is one of her fav images.

Adorable for a Dr.'s office of a little girls room.
Fabulous for a beach house!
For anyone who lives in Fenwick.
For someone who has a lifetime membership to Rolling Stone Magazine (ie RPL)

My fav. Maybe in the kids computer room.

For the sports enthusiast.