Tuesday, June 28, 2011

52 Pick Up

My sister first introduced me to that game. We only played once. That's hasnt deterred me from loving card games - SPIT being my all time favorite. I tried to teach Thomas over Christmas break how to play WAR. He said it was "BORING!!!" and went back to the ipad. I did tell him that my sister and I played that along with solitaire for hours... times have changed.

Well from what I understand, cards have made a huge comeback and so have the requests from our clients to create a line of playing cards. Prototypes with the adirondack chair and anchor have been ordered and are in the mail! I am working on coordinating score sheets too. I need to dig up the detailed directions my Grandpa Bill Bendel sent to me many years ago on how to play duplicate bridge.

Monday, June 27, 2011

New Images Just Arrived

My favorite of the new images. Love greens.

This will be popular for the folks who like horses.

Flowers are always best sellers.

Most requested image - pink elephant!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shipped Today...Triple Play

Shipped these 3 prints today. I love the way the green mat pulls them all together so beautifully!
Can't wait to see a photo of them displayed on the wall!

PS. Sorry for the amateur photos. Need advice on how to photograph the glass!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Farmer's Market

If you haven't stopped by a farmer's market yet this year -add it to your list of things to do. The food is so fresh and tasty. My boys and I stopped by one last Saturday and found a few goodies. You know I love hydrangeas and wow are the colors in these that we found to die for gorgeous! In addition, days later and they look like we just cut them. The vendor paired them with fresh mint - an interesting combination!

We also scored these amazing Turkish towels. I was drawn to the color but love the idea that they are super absorbent but dry very quickly and thought they would be perfect for the pool. (they are very "green" as an added bonus) The kids gave them 2 thumbs up. We will have to stop by next weekend to buy some more!

Monday, June 20, 2011

What are your plans for the 4th of July?

These are a great way to display the Hershey bars for S'mores at your party or BBQ.

This reminds me of so many fun 4th of July's spent on Lake George in NY.

Well, the Mika's are having another staycation. Unfortunately, we will NOT be having drinks poolside as it wont be ready....yet. With that said, you know we are going to have a fabulous feast on the grill with fab frozen drinks and pinot grigio (in case Ramona stops by). We have the new edition of Foodnetwork Mag to inspire my personal chef. As for me, I am in charge of dessert and am excited to try mint chocolate S'mores. Has anyone every thought of doing this? Thomas and I love mint chocolate so I am going to give it a try. We will let you know how it goes. Hope your celebration is tons of fun too!


Well, summer vacation is finally here!! I just learned from reading Thomas' year book that H.A.G.S. is the new way of signing a year book.

We have a lot to work on over the summer so we can bring you some new images, products, updated blog and website in the fall not to mention some great things to help with your holiday shopping and a big surprise for those of you who love our calendar.

So, we are going to cut the blog updates to about 1 time per week till mid Aug (unless of course I have breaking news!) so we can spend some time on the things noted above.

"H.A.G.S" and let us know if you have any suggestions on products or image you would like to see Hampton Paper add to the portfolio.

DIY- Party Favors

While planning Thomas' birthday party the Michael's I usually shop at was out of popcorn boxes so I traveled to another one because seems once I cant have something, I have to have it! Anyway, the trip turned into an opportunity of discovery because the other Michael's' had a different layout so while wondering to find the popcorn boxes, I found these cool Wilton party favor boxes (in the wedding section).

I used our new medium round stickers and coordinated the candy with the image. I love the way they turned out. I know the stickers are a bit off center but my assistant, Jackson was helping me out. What can I say, not only can I not afford to turn away free help but he remained occupied for several minutes. ( translation = a long time for a 4 year old boy!)

I am totally going to use these for my back to school party in Sept!

Hampton Paper medium round stickers $12.00 for 30. Wilton Favor Boxes $19.95 for 30

Friday, June 17, 2011

Do You Love Hampton Paper?

Do you own a stationery store or gift boutique and would like to offer Hampton Paper? It's easy to purchase our binders and become a reseller. We are just finishing up a major update to showcase all of the products we off for each image!

Do you love Hampton Paper and want to see it at a stationery or gift store near you? Have them give us a call or contact us and let us know the store name, we would love to follow up!

On My Bookshelf: A Place of Yes

Well, one not so terrible thing about turning 40 is the gifts. I just received this in the mail and am soooo excited to read it. What can I say, I am a fan of Bethany for a few reasons - one her brutal honesty at all times and while she may be a bit rough around the edges, she has in fact quite a successful business woman. What I admire is her ability to take a few ideas and turn them into multi million dollar ones. I am hoping the book provides a few recommendations on how I can get Hampton Paper there. I know its not if, but when....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Forgot...Thank You Notes!

I forgot to include in the Wimpy Kid Party Blog the thank you notes we did. I thought you might be interested as it's a new offering for photo cards.

Coming Soon!
Hampton Paper Photo cards 24 for $60.00

Monday, June 13, 2011

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Party...Revealed

Thomas' Diary of a Wimpy Kid party was a huge success for all those attended! I am obsessed with using a book/movie as the theme! Here are a few quotes from some attendees:

"I want a Diary of a Wimpy Kid Party when I am 8" Brian, Age 7

"How come I have never had a candy table at one of my parties, mom? I want a candy table at all my upcoming parties!" Ben Age 6

We easily incorporated one of the lines from the movie into the theme and backdrop for the candy table. Zoo Wee Mama made from white wood letters surrounded the framed print with Thomas' name.

View of Candy Table

Yep - I sorted these skittles by hand so we only had the colors that went with the theme.

Same with the Starbursts...

and the M&Ms. It took FOREVER but it was worth it as it looked perfect on the table! Candy and jars are from Target. Jars were a great deal (about $5.99) and can be used for our next party (Back to School is what is on the books for Sept)

All kids seem to love Smarties

We put our new HPD Kiss stickers on the bottom of the kisses. It was a fun for adults and kids too.

Lauren at the self serve candy table.

We couldnt show a move without popcorn. How great are these boxes? We purchased them from Michaels and added the HPD sticker.

These HPD cookies are so delicious! I had to grab one right away before they were all gone.

Hammond's homemade lollipops. Aren't they great with the stickers? I found a little stand for them at Michael's in the same section I purchased the white letters above.

The photographer didnt even have a chance to snap the photo of the Hershey bars before Jackson made his move. If you order these, get one for every child to avoid a meltdown! Trust me, they all want one!

This is priceless. Thomas hung this on the front door. It says "Come On In! The Cheese will lead you to the basement" "Greg Heffley - Zoo Wee Mama!"

Cheese Touch walkway - from the moment the kids came in the house, they knew there were in for a good time!

The Do It Yourself Diary of a Wimpy Kids books were the party favors and the kids loved, loved, loved them! My neighbor carried his ALL weekend and to the bus stop on Monday. Yep, same adorable child who wore the diary shirt at the party, to sleep in and the next day too. Remember those days? It made my weekend to know he loved everything so much!

Gift and Cake Table

You cant have a party without cupcakes!

My favorite part of the party and favorite picture. I hope Thomas wish comes true!

Cake by Aunt Barbara. I loved the "tape" around the edge of the note.

Loved these invites. We wrote: The Popcorn is hot, so don't be late, Roderick may rule but Thomas is still turning 8!"

Handing out T-Shirts to the kids to put on when they arrived was a huge hit! I purchased these for $7.99 at Target.



Putting this party together was actually quite easy! We did all the prep work for the candy table during the week and ordered pizza the night of the event. Kids had pizza when they arrived around 5 and then got candy and popcorn for the movie around 5:30. We did a big showing of the movie at 5:30 and then cake around 6:45. The kids really watched the movie (we were very surprised!) and had such a great time.

We would be happy to help you with your next party. Let us know how we can help!

Famed Print Personalized: $70.00

Place Cards 12 for $12.00

Kiss Stickers 108 for $12.00

Large Round Stickers on Popcorn Boxes 24 for $18.00

Med Round Stickers on Lollipops and Cupcakes 30 for $12.00

Hershey Bars and Wrappers 25 for $75.00