Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Calling Cards

I often wish I lived when calling cards were the in vouge. I would have a large dish, perhaps silver or crystal out on the front table for friends to drop their calling cards. How fun and elegant it all seems! I love calling cards and find many uses for them and love having a stack of new ones on hand. I am thinking I might use our new horse shoe for mine. Jackson wants the new dump truck and Thomas likes the Jack-0-Lantern! Which image would you choose?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend from Hell

Last weekend had a rough start and end. Luckily the time in between was fun!

I fell in love with this in the window of Old Town Crossing in Southampton. I went in to check it out only to discover a Hermes one that I loved even more. It was $650.00. The sales woman said "I lot of people like to buy it as a gift." I said "Can I leave you my contact info and the next time someone wants to buy it as a gift you can suggest me as the recipient?"

Cousins playing motor boat/gas station

If you were wondering who might buy a NJT shirt, you now have your answer. Thomas purchased this at his favorite rest stop on the Turnpike. Scary that we travel on it so much he has a favorite!

A great past time of summer... The ice cream truck! Uncle Joe Joe has the cell # so we can call when we need him to stop by for a visit. Brilliant!

The 3 boys enjoyed Popsicles on the hot afternoon with a new friend!

I just experienced a weekend from hell which was the beginning of my vacation/staycation. We decided to take a quick trip up to the beach in NY to celebrate my dad's birthday. The weekend started with my 4 year old jumping in the pool (he cant swim) and me jumping in fully clothed after him. TOTAL NIGHTMARE! I explained to him this wasn't bay watch.

On our way home our car broke down about 30 min from home on the beltway in the 100 plus degree heat. Luckily we were able to get the car off the highway onto a side street to be towed. (the estimate to fix it is painful). Thanks to Geico for their excellent and prompt response. We had a cab and tow truck with in the hour.

Again, thank goodness for the fun hours in between the beginning and the end!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Inventory Sale: Holiday

Christmas in July! 15% off in our Etsy inventory sale. Stock up on some of our holiday cards. Fold Over Note Cards are blank inside and make great thank you notes! The place cards are blank and can be written on by hand or fed into a printer. The gift enclosures come with white envelopes and coordinating stickers are available.

Fold Over Note Cards 8 for $18.00- Sale price $15.30

Place Cards 16 for $6.50 Sale Price $13.60

Gift Enclosures: 16 cards and envelopes for $17.00 - Sale Price

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gourmet Club: Crab Feast

Our gourmet club annual crab feast was a huge success this year as the weather was perfect! Here's a photo of some of our members.

The table looked amazing - love this candelabra Kim used and the crab paper was adorable.

Hampton Paper place card. (yes I forgot to bring the crab ones but luckily Kim had these on hand!)

Me and my best friend. All the mascara in the world and I will never have the eye lashes this guy has!! Its so unfair.

The guests of honor!

This was an amazing watermelon and arugula salad with Parmesan cheese from a Barefoot Contessa cookbook. She is our favorite!!

Greg made this amazing grilled pasta salad with fresh vegetables including corn, peppers, onions, roasted chili's and scallions. (I asked what cookbook and I got the typical response, "from my personal portfolio")

Corn casserole. A great addition to the dinner.

Next one is at our house. I cant wait. It will be a poolside theme for sure!!