Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lauren's Skate Party

I received a SOS from my friend Kim last week that she needed assistance with party favors for her daughter's skate party. Hampton Paper to the rescue! I jumped at the chance to work on the favors. Kim ordered some skate themed books and I assembled some candy in some Chinese take out boxes.

The party was a huge success! I must admit its been years since I was last on skates but like riding a bike it came right back. After a few minute warm up I was back to my triple toe loops.
Skating Shoes from $6.99
Chinese Take Out Boxes The Container Store $.99
Hampton Paper Square Solid Stickers 27 for $18.00

Friday, January 28, 2011

Firetruck Party:Creating The Candy Table

Table Backdrop is key!

Color coordinated Candy!

Display pieces for the candy.

One major component to Jackson 4th Birthday this year has been a candy table.

Sweet Nothings owner, Kristy Patterson to the rescue! Here's Kristy's inspiration and vision.

1. Incorporate the fire theme into the set up of the candy table
2. Use the HPD firetruck image and hat to inspire the color theme for the candy station.
3. Once the candy selection is finalized, Kristy determined jars we would use to display the candy.
4. Now HPD can design the labels for the jars and well as the Candy Bars and the candy bags!
Look for the pictures on our blog next week to see how it all turned out!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Kate!

Last week I read a story about a inspirational girl named Kate McRae on Kim Stoegbauer's blog . After I ready her story, I immediately reached out to Kim to see if I could participate in making Kate's 7th birthday her best yet!
The party theme is Ice Cream Shoppe in Pink,Chocolate and White. Kim reviewed the HPD designs and suggested we donate some items with our ice cream cone. I quickly designed some personalized fold over note cards and of my favorite new gifts, a personalized print for Kate. I hope these items will be a great reminder of her 7th birthday bash.
And per the suggestion of my two boys we included one of our best selling t-shirts featuring the flamingo.

I tried to get to the post office yesterday afternoon to ship Kate's treats (her birthday party is on Saturday) but I was abruptly stopped by the weather - freezing rain and snow. I was so bummed. Today the sun is out and the roads are clearing up so USPS- here I come.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Get Well Soon!

One of the benefits to owning a stationery company is that you have cards on hand for all occasions. When my older son Thomas found out that his little brother Jackson was sick, he selected a fold over card and wrote him a get well note and left it on his bed for him. Hampton Paper Fold over Note Cards 8 for $18.00. A bit of brotherly love, priceless.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thinking About Starting Your Own Business This Year?

So far this year we have received many requests for business cards. I am thrilled that so many people are taking their dreams and making them a reality by starting a business. I speak from experience when I say it is one of the most challenging yet rewarding things I have ever done. We've received requests from restaurants, photographers, tutors and of course the ever so busy job of CEO of Home and Children(a.ka. mom)!

Could 2011 be the year you take the plunge and become an entrepreneur? What is that great idea you have been thinking about turning into a business? What do you love to do for fun that your friends are always suggesting you turn into a business?

We would love to help you get started. Hampton Paper is sure to have an image that is perfect for your new venture. The cards are the quality you know and expect and sure to convey to anyone that receives it you are a force to be reckoned with. We have something for everyone from nutritionist, photographer, tutor, art teacher dog walker, personal assistant, bar tender, personal chef, florist, gardener, music teacher and personal shopper etc

Interested? Just let us know and we will put together a proof for you to review.

Business Cards starting at 28 for $27.00

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I wish I could tell you that I didn't buy anything for myself when I was Christmas shopping this year. (especially now since the bills are pouring in) Unfortunately it is just a wish and not a reality. What can I say? I am helpless against the lure of so many stores and those glossy shopping bags! One of my go to gifts this year was the Tiffany dessert plate and several people on my list received it. At $75.00 is a great price point, a steal really. Actually when you think about it I did quite well. I mean, this is Tiffany we're talking about so to get out of there with only a few dessert plates is pretty darn good. We all know the damage I could have done. Whew...that's better I talked myself right out of any guilt that I felt.
Did you buy yourself a little something when you were shopping? Do tell so I feel better.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ring The Bell, Sound the Alarm!

My son Jackson is turning 4 in February and you know I love, love, love to plan a birthday party (or any party for that matter)! Birthday parties are a big deal around my house, excepting one big milestore coming up that I would just as soon forget, thank you very much. I think you ladies know where I am coming from on that one. Back to the matter at hand I am consumed with the fact that he will only turn 4 once so why not go all out? Like most boys his age, Jackson is obsessed with Firetrucks so we decided to make that the theme. So far we have had a blast planning the party.

The following is what we have done so far-
Step 1. Call upon Hampton Paper artist Lucy to create some fabulous images around our theme (yes I freaked at the mailbox when the arrive because they are so perfect!)

Step 2. Now its time to create and send the invites; which we all know is where a great party starts. The guests will know they are in for a treat.

Step 3. Speaking of treats, call Kristy Patterson of Sweet Nothings to start planning a candy table. Nothing says birthday fun like a munch of rambunctious 4 year old boys and girls running around hopped up on sugar! (Sweet On)

Step 4. Next on my list, contact party planner extrodionare and author of Kiki's List, Krista Salmon for some great brainstorming ideas.

Step 5. Call James Woo from James Woo Photography so we can capture the event!

Stay tuned to see how we plan the entire party!

On My Bookshelf

During the small post holiday lull, I was able to pick up a few books from some of my favorite authors. It seems like its been months since I had time to curl up with a good book.

I just finished....
Nicholas Sparks - Safe Haven (engaging but predictable)

Anita Shreve - Rescue (read Testimony first!)

Elin Hilderbrand -The Island (good but others are better)

Next on My List....

Kristin Hannah - Winter Garden

Lauren Weisberger - Last Night at Chateau Marmount

Anxiously awaiting the release of.....

Mary Higgins Clark - I'll Walk Alone
Jodi Picoult - Sing You Home

Please let me know what you have read recently that you would recommend!

Kristin Hannah - Night Road

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I've Been Searching....

Etoile Towels
Eolaine Bedding

Gatsby Washable Silk
I've been searching for fabulous towels for years. Really, its been a mission of mine to find towels that remain soft plush and absorbent wash after wash. It doesnt seem like that tall of an order. I mean we can get a man on the moon but we can't manufacture a decent towel. Really? I have tried many brands (that shall remain name less, but you know who you are) until I hit a winner!
Flash back to summer '10 when I received a 20% off flyer in the mail from Yves Delorme. Hmmm. this got me thinking. I had purchased 2 towels from them a year or so ago and although very small (possibly bath size for children, but that is a mystery for another day) they were very near to fulfilling my towel wish list. I had just moved into my new home and decided it was the perfect time to invest in new towels for everyone.
I am pleased to report the towels turned out to be fab. Totally soft even after months and months of use and laundering. In addition, they stayed pristine white and maintained that fluffy new look. Did I mention that I am a lone woman in a house with a husband and 2 young sons? You can be assured that these towels havent been coddled, they are not hanging nicely in a spare bathroom somewhere, they are working towels!

Giddy from the success of my completed town mission, I am forging ahead. I am looking forward to my new purchase from Yves Delorme. I am expecting their bed linens to live up to the standards set by those fantastic towels. I purchased the linens in the Eolaine pattern in Flax and a blanket and shams in the Gatsby their washable silk and I am confident they too will be soft and luxurious.

I am waiting on one more piece and then I will post before and after photos!

Baby It's Cold Outside....

Winter in the Hamptons is quiet. And very cold! When I was there last weekend, a storm was predicted but a few flakes couldnt keep me from visiting one of my favorite stores, Calypso. After all, I went to UVM where a typical January day calls for rain, sleet or several feet of snow.
If you have never been to Calypso I would describe it as what a boutique should assortment of "must have items" that ensure you wont look like everyone else! I never leave empty handed and I not only wear all the items I buy but I find multiple ways to wear them too. (wouldn't Tim Gunn be proud of me?)

I found a few great pieces on sale and those in addition to the many lovely pink Calypso boxes under the tree from my Dad enabled me to depart the Hamptons with some great pieces for now and spring!
As an added bonus, most items are cut very generously so I feel super skinny with my size "XS" and "S" in my bag.

Items Shown:

1. Nick Button Down $175.00
2. Classic Duster $250.00 100% cashmere(I received the Navy Blue but an assortment of colors are avail. If heaven is in the form of a wrap - this is it!)
3. Smocked Blouse $149.00
4. Pintuck Blouse $99.00 ( I actually got this in white (shocking I know) but only see black and grey on line. Call Westhampton location for white.

Will You Be Mine?

I am already thinking about Valentine's Day. I have a very clear memory of the excitement that surrounded Valentine's Day when I was in grade school. From making the mail box (by decorating a shoe box or a large brown paper bag- we were very high tech in Glens Falls, NY) to reading the cards from class mates; it was always a fun time of year.
I remember carefully choosing the Valentine cards from Schatz, taking a great deal of time addressing each one to my friends and decorating them with stickers. I was very careful of course not to send any "mushy" ones to the boys. Except maybe one boy... Do you remember your first Valentine's Day crush? I do. I wonder where he is now....

Some things have changed but my love of Valentine's day has not. I am looking forward to helping my kids create personalized Valentines for their friends.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hampton Paper Personalized Sq Stickers 27 for $18.00

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's Not Too Late!

It's not too late to RSVP to attend the Grand Opening of The Dandelion Patch's 4th location, Leesburg!
In celebration of the grand opening on Thursday, January 6, 2011 from 7 pm - 9 pm Hampton Paper is offering a set of 27 free personalized stickers to all those who attend the opening! You can choose any design from our gallery of over 200 plus images!

Above are a few ideas.

RSVP to the event at

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Girl: Jackie O

It's no secret I am obsessed with Jackie O. Considering she seems to continually resurface on magazines and in books, it's evident I am not the only one! For Christmas I received the new book about her work as a book editor, Reading Jackie and I am looking forward to yet another glimpse into her world.
I also just came across this fab photo of her in London circa 1970 taken by Ted West at Ralph Lauren and decided it was a must for my new house.
Print available for $450.00 at Ralph Lauren