Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The Hampton Paper journals have been a huge hit for recording summer travel and now for helping kids read and practice their writing. My 2nd grader, Thomas, has been writing in his every night and we recently received a "October Challenges" list from his school that is perfect to incorporate into his journal. Some questions may require help on the computer but that's just another way to spend time with your children helping them learn!

I recommend you date the journal entries, so you kids can see how much better their writing has gotten in a short time.

Here is the list of questions. Enjoy!

1. Mahatma Gandhi was born Oct 2. Why is he famous?

2. Eleanor Roosevelt was born on Oct 11. Why is she famous?

3. Celebrate Pablo Picasso's birthday by looking at some of his paintings. Describe his style. What are the names of some of his works?

4. What started the Great Chicago Fire? In which state is Chicago?

5. Who discovered Penicillin? Why is this medicine so important?
6. Put these words in ABC order:
Columbus, October, skeleton, scary, candy, football, spider, costume, moon, leaves, Halloween, scarecrow, web
7. What are the ingredients for making candy corn?
8. Oct 13th is the anniversary of the beginning of the US Navy. In what year did it begin? What do you know about the Navy?
9. What is a full moon? On which day this month do we have one?
10. National Magic Day is celebrated on Oct 31st. Learn a magic trick
11. On October 11th, we will be celebrating a holiday. Why do we celebrate this holiday?
12. Draw or describe a fall flower as seen by an ant
13. List ways that summer turns to fall
14. Describe a popcorn popper that could be used in space - remember there is no gravity in space
15 Brainstorm on things that are orange.
16. Steven Kellogg's birthday is Oct 6th. Checkout one of his books and read it to someone. What book did you choose and to whom did you read it?
17. It's National Pizza month. Write down the steps it takes to make a pizza.
18. United Nations day is Oct 24. Why do we celebrate this day? What is the United Nations?
19. What was the first "talking" film made? (It debuted Oct 6)
20. Which US President was born on Oct 27th?
21. How does a pumpkin become a jack-o-lantern?
22. Write a poem about October
23. Make a list of October adjectives (adjectives are describing words)
24. Make up a challenge of your own
25. On Oct 19, 1752 who discovered that lightening is electricity? How did he do it?
26. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on Oct 28, 1886. Where did this statue come from? What does it stand for? What does it say on the tablet?

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