Friday, November 5, 2010

Journals for Kids - November Challenges

I hope you enjoyed working on the October Challenges with your kids and compiling the info in their journals. I must admit I had to look up a lot of info on the web!

November journal challenges for Kids are finally here. Enjoy!

1. Why do we celebrate Veteran's Day? When is it?

2. How many words can you spell using the letters in THANKSGIVING

3. List 5 parts of the body above the neck that have 3 letters (only 3!)

4. How many animals can you name that begin with a vowel?

5. What was the first space shuttle launched? When did it happen?

6. Add the digits in your phone number.

7. Games manufactured Milton Bradley was born on Nov 8, 1836. How many Milton Bradley games can you name?

8. Practice saying the months of the year. Put them in ABC Order.

9. Claude Monet, the famous artist was born on Nov 14th. What is his style of painting? How is it different from Picasso?

10. The flying squirrels are preparing for winter by storing away food in trees. Can they really fly?

11. What is the heaviest fruit in your house? The lightest? Which weigh about the same?

12. If you bought something for a dime each day during the month of November, how much money would you spend? How about a quarter?

13. What are the different time zones in the US? Where are they?

14. Samuel Clemens' birthday is Nov 30th. By which name do we better know him?

15. The Suez canal opened on Nov 17th. Where is it? What does the canal do?

16. November is the month when the grass, cornstalks and some leaves turn golden. List as many things as you can that are gold. Name books or song with an Autumn color in the title.

17. Birds migrate during November. What are some other things that move or change locations?


18. The answer is "It's hot" What is the question?

19. When was Daniel Boone born? Why is he remembered as a Famous American?

20. What did Zebulon Pike see on Nov 15, 1806?

21. How would it feel to be an Indian or Pilgrim at the First Thanksgiving Feast?

22. Children's author Madeline L'englewas born on Nov 29,1918. What is her most famous book?

23. Practice skip counting by 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's

24. Write a letter to someone telling them why you are thankful

25. The first formal intercollegiate football gaem was played on Nov 6th. Who were the teams that played in thsi game?

26. Who is Ruth Nicols? What did she do?

27. How was popcorn invented?

28. Make up your own invention for something. How does it work? What will it be able to do?

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