Friday, April 30, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week, May 3-7

Teacher Appreciation Week, May 3-7

Hello Parents! As you may, or may not, know next week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. ( I only know because of a "Super Mom" in my son's class!) If you are like me and fall into the "not" category there is no need to panic- Hampton Paper can help! Teachers have enough mugs and magnets. Why not WOW them with one of our stylish notepads in acyclic? Its 150 sheets personalized with the teacher's name or the always popular "From the Desk of _____" The green apple is a best seller and is sure to brighten any one's day!

Also if you are looking to score some extra points let me pass along an idea from the "Super Mom" in Thomas's class. She sent an email to all the kids parents with the following request:

Monday - Bring in a flower from your garden or buy one

Tuesday - Draw a picture or write your favorite joke

Wednesday - Bring in something chocolate - its Mrs. Cole's favorite treat

Thursday - Wear something blue - Its Mrs. Cole's favorite color

Friday - Write a note thanking Mrs. Cole for being a great teacher

Such a fantastic idea and sure to bring a smile - share it with your friends. Here at HPD we want to give a big hand and a heartfelt "Thank You" to all the wonderful teachers out there.

PS - Special shout out to my favorite teacher from 5th grade, Mr. O'Neil - Queensbury Middle School. Queensbury, NY.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Can Glitter Be Stressful?

Can Glitter Be Stressful?

You bet it can! For me, it was the search for the perfect colors for the Hampton Paper 2011 Calendar we create exclusively for The Elegant Setting in Southampton. I seek perfection (hence the name of my autobiography Perfectville) so it took many hours (yes hours) to choose just the right shades for the calendar. This calendar features many images that were custom painted specifically for it so you can understand why it was absolutely crucial that the glitter be the perfect (yes, the P- word again) compliment to such carefully selected images.

Okay, so maybe everyone cant relate to glitter stress but I would venture to guess that all of you have something you stress over. I have found that running a business brings unique challenges on a daily basis and some of those feel insurmountable until I conquer them and think "that wasn't so bad". The end product is always better, and usually more wonderful than my original concept. When I look back I wonder why a particular situation was so stressful in the first place. I need something to remind me of that and keep things in perspective the next time I am agonizing over glitter, card stock, colors, layout... I could go on and on but I'll stop here. I am ecstatic to announce that after many late nights and numerous revisions the calendar is finally (you guessed it) perfect!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recycle Reminder Design...Just in Time for Earth Day!

This new green recycle image is a great reminder we can all do something to help the environment. Just today, looking around my house, I spied some leftover slate from a landscape project that could be donated. I reached out to ReStore with Habitat for Humanity. Not only will they pick up the items from your home, they will sell them with all proceeds benefiting Habitat. It's a win-win for everyone! Google ReStore with Habitat to find a location near you.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Full Circle...

Sometimes in life, things come full circle and yesterday for me was one of those days. For those of you that have known me for a long time (ie people who know me as "Krissy") know that I was a HUGE fan of 90210 back in the day. I spent a lot of time with the 90210 gang when the series originally aired and also many Saturday and Sunday mornings in years that followed when the re-runs were aired.

Jennie Garth, aka Kelly Taylor, ordered some Santa gift stickers from Hampton Paper in December to use for the gifts for her 3 children, Luca, Lola and Fiona. Jennie wrote to us recently and noted

"These Santa stickers are awesome. They are a lot more fun for the kids and keep Santa's hands from cramping!"

What a thrill it is for Jennie to be a fan of Hampton Paper Designs since I have been a fan or hers for so many years!