Monday, May 17, 2010

Dress the Part!

One of my dream jobs when I was younger was to be an editor at Glamour Magazine- the one who recommends the hottest new products. Of course this was in addition to working on B-Way at Bloomingdale's in NYC and owning my own stationery company! It is after this trip down memory lane that I realized I MUST share some of my favorite fashion finds for spring.

I struggled to find a way to incorporate it in a way that would gain the seal of approval from my Social Media Guy (aka SMG) Everyone has a social media guy right? LOL. He has recommended I use my blog to "share the story behind my company and my vision" and right now my vision is obscured by my obsession with these fabulous key pieces!

Sooo after spending quite some time on it (yes, it was that important that I have been pondering for weeks) I have finally come up with a way to properly incorporate it - drum roll please - You have to "dress the part".

It's imperative to project the image of a confident woman. When you take pride in your appearance, you feel confident and are more likely to be successful in all aspects of your life. First impressions matter so without further ado, here are so of my picks for this spring to help enhance you existing wardrobe and make you feel like a million bucks!( Disclaimer: these are not necessarily the best choice for a business meeting)

Top 5 Picks for Spring

1. Ralph Lauren Denim Shirt -worn in and tapered - it's the best on the market

2. Michael Kors White Tissue Scarf -yes they finally have more in stock

3. Alice and Olivia White Ruffled Short Sleeve Shirt -fabulous and avail at Saks

4. J. Crew White Denim Matchstick Pants -they look great rolled up with heels

5. Stuart Weitzman Alex Espadrilles - they go with almost everything

My Wish List

1. Tiffany Somerset Bangle - Silver

2. Cartier Mimi Rings

3. Chanel Clogs with flowers

4. Birkin Bag

What are you "must have's" for spring? Please share with us!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day from Hampton Paper Designs!

Mother's Day reminds me of many great "moms" including my own, my 2 grandmothers and of course, my great-grand mother Marie Bendel whom we affectionally called "Mimi".
Mimi lived in Monroe, Louisiana and had a huge Magnolia tree in her back yard. When we would visit, my sister, Meri, and I would look forward to going with her to pick Magnolia flowers. With a few beautiful blossoms in hand we would go inside to a room she had filled with vases (know as the vase room!) and carefully select one. I remember we spent so much time deliberating on which vase to choose!

This is a favorite memory of mine. I bet you can probably see where this is going.... Mimi was the inspiration for the Magnolia image.
Lucy's intpretation is breathtaking, the colors spectacular and I smile everytime I see it.
My gift to the mom's this Mother's day is to share best advice I ever received from my mom. "Don't wait for it to go on sale, they won't have your size." Doesn't that just say it all?

Enjoy your special day and stay tuned.... I will share the best advice from my dad on Father's day!