Monday, March 5, 2012

Pre Order... Sold Out?

If someone can please explain how something that is only in "pre-order" status can be sold out I would really appreciate it! I have been stalking this great YSL clutch since the fall. For some reason I am really into clutches - maybe its a graduation present to myself that I no longer need the "big" bag full of extra clothes, diapers, toys, snacks etc. This YSL one seems like the perfect one to go from day to night and I think its a timeless classic. I went to Saks and saw it online, put it in my cart - went to feed the kids - came back and not only was it no longer in my cart, it was no longer available!!! So, the Internet search began. Came up empty handed. Ordered the Carmel patent one from Saks instead. Then found this one on YSL site. Ordered it too. Now both are being shipped. What's a girl to do? (hopefully you think I should keep both too!)


  1. 0f course you should keep both...I just bought a clutch myself and found a vintage one too that I had to get..still like the beige one that folds too...enjoy...are there shoes that need to be bought to match ????

    1. See, this is why we are friends!! We think alike!