Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back to School!

Did that just make you cringe? I just celebrated the 4th of July when I received a catalog in the mail featuring back to school items. I am struggling to figure out my son's camp schedule so thinking about back to school might send me over the edge.

If you are a "super mom" and already several steps ahead of me, don't worry, Hampton Paper has been working all summer on back to school items is getting ready to release our highly anticipated new lunch box notes and family calendars (a favorite of the beautiful actress, Angie Harmon!).

In the mean time, if back to school preparation in on your list of things to do, here's what we recommend:

Luggage Tags - for lunch boxes and backpacks

Photo Cards - for those picture perfect back to school cards

Book Labels - for text and note books

Name Stickers - for all supplies

Notepad - for notes to the school and teacher

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