Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pen & Pencil

With the recent launch of my blog I have been struggling to think of a name. "The Pressure, The Pressure of a Name" (can you guess what movie line is that is from?!!) My fellow bloggers are so creative and all seem to have found a name that fits perfectly into the theme of their store or style. So what to name the HPD blog has been haunting me. The competition is fierce!

In an attempt to clear my head and think of something clever for my blog I went for a run at the beach in Quogue (yes, I was running) and as I rounded the last corner on my way home onto Deer Path it finally it came to me and in the nick of time because 3.0 miles is all I had in me. Here goes.... Pen & Pencil.

Not only does it seem perfect (my fav word) for the blog because it relates to my company but also has sentimental meaning as it was one of my Grandpa Barney's favorite restaurants in NYC in the 80s (do you remember it?). Grandpa Barney loved Pen & Pencil because he was greeted by name, quickly escorted to "his" table and within seconds was brought his drink (for the curious, Black Label on the rocks, no twist). To further add to his enjoyment, Grandpa Barney was one of the few people who had a house account.

I fondly remember joining him for lunch on many occasions in the 80s at Pen & Pencil and then having been given a crisp $50.00 bill, I was on my way to Bloomingdale's!

So, to the official launch of Hampton Paper Designs' Blog "Pen & Pencil" and in memory of Grandpa Barney, "Salute!"

New banner and image to be uploaded soon.

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