Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Flasback: The Flocked Tree

Circa 1975 in Lake Oswego, Oregon (you might have guessed the year given my sister's Farah Fawcett haircut) my sister Meri (left)and I with our dalmation Spot and in the background our Flocked Tree! There are a million memories tied to this photo. This was the year of the Gerbils, a Snoopy watch, board games including Payday, Life and many more.
Our biggest decision during that time was if we wanted the tree "flocked" or not. Flocked was code for fake snow (who knows what chemicals it was make from!) but Meri and I took the decision very seriously. This year we choose to make the tree look like it was chopped down on a snowy winter day. I guess that's no surprise given it was the decision was made by 2 girls from NY evident from the fact that we are wearing turtle neck night gowns. Did you ever have a flocked tree? Do share the photos!

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