Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Meet My Best Friend!

My best friend during the holidays (actually all year long) is the Automated Postal Center aka the APC at the Post office. Are you laughing that my BFF is a machine? Seriously, it's a lifesaver. There is NO reason to wait in long lines at the post office. If you have never tried it before, its genius! You can pick up boxes for FREE at the post office or even better order them online and they are delivered to your door, again for FREE! All you have to do is package your items and you can --get this-- ship ANYTIME! It's always open even when the post office is closed.

My favorite time is at the crack of dawn on my way home from the gym - no lines, no issues parking. Its quick, convenient, easy and your packages will arrive in 2-3 days! I recommend having one of the post office employees give you a quick tutorial the first time. Maybe you will make the APC your BFF! Let me know....

More info can be found at

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