Thursday, February 17, 2011

Please Let Us Know.....

Option 1: Classic and Preppy
Option 2: Modern and Simple
Option 3: Traditional with an Edge
My Dearest Hampton Paper Fans, I need your help! It's a new year and we want to update our look. We are just months away from our 4 year anniversary (yikes time has FLOWN!) and I am working on releasing some new options for our beautiful stationery line. Please let us know if you like these prototypes or if you have some suggestions of your own!


  1. Option 3: Traditional with an Edge is my personal favorite. The stripes are very cute too. But the edge on the 3rd one bring out the details on the bear. Number 1 comes in second :)

    Have a great night & very cute :)

  2. I think it's great to have a few choices. I would select different borders depending on the image. The stripes would be perfect for the bear, adirondack chair and bbq grill. I would choose option 2 for the martini, the shoe, city brownstones or the shopping bags...option 3 would be great for any floral image, perfume bottles or fleur de lis images! My two cents...hope I am not too late!