Monday, February 21, 2011

Who Ordered the Beluga Gimlet on the Rocks?

"Where do you get the inspiration for your images? This is, far and away the number one question I am asked. The answer is deceptively simple: life.

Some of our images are nostalgic- the Adirondack chair reminds me of growing up in the Adirondacks and our log windmill of summers in the Hamptons. Other images are inspired by family and friends. In an earlier blog I described the magnolias and how they enoke memories of my great-grandmother's house. My dad has an image customized just for him (actually there are serveral but thats for another day!) too.

Vodka Gimlet on the Rocks was was created because it has been his signature drink for as long as I can remember. Although he may have tweaked the Vodka brand through the years (he likes to be instyle - even when it comes to Vodka) "Absolute" in the 80s. "Kettle One" in the 90s which led way to "Sky" and now most recently "ZYR" and "Beluga"- the drink itself has been constant. I wonder how he choose the vodka gimlet and where was he served the best and worst over the years?

The images make a great conversation piece when someone reads a note or card from you- they make them wonder why you chose a particular image or perhaps they already know and think "that's so you"!

I gave him this notepad (shown above) for Christmas last year. Needeless to say they are a permanent fixture on the desk at his office, he uses them everyday. Take a look at the note my husband received recenty when my dad sent him the latest Bob Marley CD.

Stay tuned for the storyof the inspiration behind the cowboy hat and boot.

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