Friday, July 15, 2011

iphone = itypo

My new iphone w. cover

A few more samples I purchased. (Yes, Kim the flamingo is for you!!)

So I finally broke down and got an iphone. Sorta feels like I might have been one of the last people on the plantet to have a blackberry!

Anyway, the iphone is not for the hasty and rushed. I tried to send a text to my dear friend that I was meeting for lunch and typed "ho" and instead of hitting "back" hit "send". I meant to write "hi" and let her know I was at the Reston Town Center but nooooo I sent my dear friend a text that simply said "ho". Nice huh?

I am lucky she is a iphone proponent and was so pleased I joined the iphone club that she overlooked my typo so graciously!

Well, with that said, now I have this little new phone that needs..... you guessed it... to be accessorized by Hampton Paper. So my friends that love hampton paper as much as your iphones your wait is over. You can choose any image (are you tired of hearing that?) and have it personalized too. They will be available soon.

This will surely be a great holiday and hostess gift!

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