Friday, October 21, 2011


I am pretty confident that the only place you will find more Legos than in my basement is at the Lego store. Really, its unimaginable that anyone could have as many Lego's in their house as I do! It's a passion of Thomas' and that's why he wants it to be the theme for his next birthday. (its 6 months away and he is already thinking about it, what can I say, apple doesn't fall far from the tree). I am going into overdrive with all the endless possibilities with this theme. Starting with the goody bags of course - so many fun things to do I am already working on it.

I know the days are getting shorter and a bit cooler so new indoor activities are worth their weight in gold. If you have little ones that like Lego's I thought I could share with you a few ideas that might freshen up the activity a bit!

We just purchased felt (on sale $2.99 a yard) at Joanne's Fabric this week to make some backgrounds for the Lego village. Its a fun activity for the kids and inexpensive too. The best part is it keeps them occupied for hours (yes I said hours!)

Thomas used the green felt as the grass and background. He cut round circles out of brown felt for the ground.

Here is is boat on a pond made from light blue felt.

Here is a watermill on the river - darker blue felt. So creative!!!

Thomas also made a road out of the brown felt for the horse drawn carriage.

A small building. We are headed back to Joanne's this weekend to get grey fabric for stones.

If you are looking to organize your Lego's - here are a few good ideas that you might like.

I purchased a few scrapbook embellishment containers at Michael's and we use them to sort speciality pieces. (the sorting is a good busy work activity too)

We always receive a lot of compliments on how we organize our Lego's. Its very easy! We purchased a bunch of clear boxes from The Container Store and sorted our Lego's by color. The boxes are the shoe box size and are inexpensive. It makes it easy for the kids to find what they are looking for.

Have a great weekend!

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