Sunday, October 30, 2011

Holiday Candy Table

Our Candy Table at Girls Night Out at The Dandelion Patch in Leesburg last week was a huge hit. If you missed it, we hope you can join us on Tuesday, Nov 1st at Personalization Palooza at The Dandelion Patch in Reston. Hampton Paper will be printing personalized stickers onsite while you wait! We will have another candy table set up and give you all the inside scoop on how you can set one up for the holidays.

I wanted to show this photo first as it was the talk of the party. I also like the idea of Dear Santa, I want it all!!

Love this idea for a gift for your neighbors and for the kids. Who doesnt love a Hershey Bar!

Table set up - looks so festive! All candy is from Oriental Trading Company. Can I just say not one piece was broken? They did a great job packing everything. Yay!

Our Kiss stickers fit perfectly on these holidya lifesafers. Fun!

I selected the wreath with holly image for this table. So classic and our best selling holiday image. I think it might be eclipsed this year with the addition of our Soldier and Nutcracker.

Kiss Jar.

Have you you ever seen Holiday Tootsie Rolls? They were a perfect addition.

Holiday Lifesafers. Love the colors.

Kiss Stickers are selling like crazy.

Candy Bags from Michaels.

I am obsessed with these lollipops! I added this ribbon to the holder and love the way it completes the look.

This is holiday bubble gum. Its pink and green on the inside.

The taffy was my favorite. So festive and colorful.

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