Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Party Favor Kit- Stickers and Chinese To Go Boxes

I have mentioned before, I am all about the party favors. In fact, sometimes (actually, usually) I start with what I want to give as a party favor and plan the entire event around it. Yep, it's that important to me!! In an effort to help you simplify your party favors we are now offering these Chinese box containers with personalized stickers. The are white and hold 26 ounces. We can customize the stickers with any image and personalization to make every event special. These boxes are food safe so you can use them at a candy table like I did at our back to school party, fill with cupcakes or just fun goodies for the kids.

HPD Chinese To Go Boxes & Stickers
27 personalized square stickers and boxes $38.00
24 personalized round stickers and boxes $38.00
26 ounce boxes measure 4 1/8 by 3 5/8 by 4 1/4 approx with wire handle

Available now on Etsy
Photo compliments of James Woo Photography

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