Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Obsession: Cake Pops

My new obsession is cake pops. Shocking I know since 1. I dont bake and 2. I am not a foodie but for these babies, I can make an exception. I was first introduced to cake pops at a Girls Night Out hosted by The Dandelion Patch when the owner of Chantel's Bakery brought a huge platter. I tried one, and then another and then another! Love at first bite! I purchased the cake pops book below before Christmas in hopes to try to bake them. It's laughable to look back and think I would have time to do it. Alas, last weekend, given the cold and our cabin fever, I had some time (and believe me you need plenty of it to make these) to review the directions and give it a try. Success! It was a fun activity with the boys and the cake pops are so yummy. Want to know the secret? You bake the cake and then crumble it and mix with frosting. How can you miss with a winning combination like that? If you are looking for a fun activity for a cold winter day, give this a try!

Awesome ideas in this book Cake Pops.

I would like to try these for Eastser.

Love for Valentine's Day.

This is the level I am on - very simple.

This was what I was trying to achieve. See below, this was above beginner for us!

Here we are in the middle of baking. Thomas and Jackson had a heavy hand with the coating. We brought them to the bus stop for the kids and they were such a big hit! (yes those are hockey nets in my kitchen - who would have thought that would be my norm one day!!)

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