Thursday, January 19, 2012

Valentine's Day!

I have always been a big fan of this holiday - giving and receiving Valentine's at school was so much fun every year. From creating the bag to hang on the back of my chair (remember using the brown paper grocery bags and decorating them with construction paper?) to selecting and writing out each Valentine. I always started with my favorite Valentine in the box bought from either CVS or Schatz Stationery for my best friend.

Even when I outgrew the classroom exchange and graduated to high school and college it was still a favorite holiday. In my late teens my fondest memories of the holiday were the huge bouquets of fresh cut beautiful flowers sent by my dad (no carnations ever as he use to tell the florist so there was no misunderstanding) just in case!!

Luckily these days I have 3 great guys in my life that I can count on to be my Valentine. If I didn't, I know on Feb 14th there would be some flowers from the one that never let me down, just in case.....

Whomever is going to be your Valentine this year - here are a few ideas to help make sure they know how special they are!

If you are looking for Valentine's day cards for classroom exchanges, they will be on my blog and Etsy tomorrow. Can I just say, they are ever so cute!

Sq stickers and glassine bags 27 for $24.00

Sq Stickers and glassine bags 27 for $24.00

25 photo cards for $75.00

Medium Round Stickers 30 for $12.00

Medium Round Stickers 30 for $12.00

Medium Round Stickers 30 for $12.00

27 Chinese To Go Containers and 27 Sq Solid Stickers $38.00

27 sq solid stickers for $18.00

10 invitations for $40.00

108 Kiss Stickers for 12.00

108 Kiss Sticker for $12.00

108 Kiss Stickers for $12.00

108 Kiss Stickers for $12.00

This image has been the biggest seller so far this season. It's not hard to figure out why - so classic with the unexpected green for the arrow, sooo Hampton Paper!

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