Monday, January 23, 2012

Will You Be Watching?

Will you be watching the final episode of the RHWBH tonight? I will be glued to the TV. This season has really been a roller coaster ride. I love this show - not just because Kyle Richards is a fan of Hampton Paper but truth be told, its just addictive!
My fav parts this season:
Watching the relationship struggles between Kyle and Kim (they seem real!)
Adrienne: Her cold and dismissive interaction with her husband is always surprising and cracks me up. (he's a surgeon for goodness sake - not some unemployed looser)
Camille: She has really grown on me this season, she seems to have such a much better sense of herself and worth that she seems to better connect and support the other women - plus she really knows how to dress - clothes and jewelry she wears the good stuff and I for one appreciate it!
Taylor: Her story is just plain heartbreaking.
Brandi: No comment .
Dana: I dismissed her after the 20k sunglasses comment - I mean who says stuff like that?
Lisa: The jury is still out for me on this one. She seems to be a class act but can be a little caddy. I guess that's why she is on the show. Cant wait to see Pandora's wedding.


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