Monday, March 5, 2012

Before Photos: Mudroom or Drop Zone?

Do you call it a Mudroom or a Drop Zone? Well, you know I am old school and didn't even know until today that the new terminology is "Drop Zone". In new construction, its an area replacing the traditional mudroom and defined as big as "10 feet by 10 feet, may include baskets for mail, places for backpacks and coats, storage for winter outerwear and maybe even lockers" according to MSN real estate. These are my "before" photos. I will post the after but you may not believe its the same piece and room as in this photo!

mud roomFrom a functionality perspective, this build it was amazing but I didn't like the dark stain. It didnt coordinate well with the style of the rest of the house and when you enter through the garage, this is the first room you see, so it needed a make over!
Two paint color options. We were a bit locked into a color based on the floor tiles. They have a peach undertone so we need to keep them in mind. Our two contenders. Fighting for the darker color Benjamin Moore Paint Barley Harvest 1070 and fighting for the lighter color on the right, Twilight Gold 1069.
This is the door that leads to the kitchen/den. We are thinking of doing a gallery of frames here with family photos.
Shot with door open. The door is new too - for some reason the previous home owners had taken it down. So happy to have it so now I can close this off when it reaches the "disaster area" point, usually around 5:00 pm.
Again, from a functionality perspective another great feature is the utility sink. Its great for wet bathing suits and if you are working outside or in the garage. We are thinking of putting up a screen to conceal it a bit.

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