Friday, March 9, 2012

Thomas' Room - Sneak Peak

Sometimes you have an image in your mind of how a project will turn out and you miss the mark, and sometimes you hit it perfectly and your vision becomes a reality. Luckily for me, the reality of Thomas room was exactly how I imagined it would be. Crisp, Classic and Timeless. We aren't done yet but I thought you might like a sneak peak at some of the work done this week. Let me just add a disclaimer that this is one of those times I wish I was a
better photographer because my photos just doesn't do it justice.

ralph lauren rowthorne crest admiral wall paper

This shower curtain will soon be replaced with the orange and white stripe. Yippee.

I love the way the patterned paper pops thru the open door to the bedroom.

Thomas closet. You can see a bit of the Ralph Lauren Colden Oxford wallpaper here. This photo is by the window you can really see the color much better. It's amazing in person. It's actually fabric so it has great depth, color and texture. It was a bit pricey but by adding the chair rail and crown molding, I was able to use less but still get the look! (I would def recommend a professional to hang this - it was a bit of a challenge even for someone who does this full time. We had a few very stressful moments in the beginning!) We were a double roll short on paper. The wallpaper hanger said 2 double rolls and then when he got here said, that's for a standard closet...this is like master bedroom size!! I can't wait to have it installed and see how the stripes complement the bedroom wallpaper! I did make one tiny mistake here (not a costly one though) I changed my mind last minute on the wallpaper and reordered a different stripe. (Ralph Lauren Coll'n Pritchett Stripe) If a mistake had to be made, this was an inexpensive one so I am grateful!

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