Thursday, September 13, 2012

An Anniversary Gift

Forescore and seven years ago,  Fifteen years ago, on a beautiful September day, much like today Greg and I got married. It was a beautiful venue at what was the ANA Hotel just outside Georgetown, with an amazing wedding planner, Engaging Affairs.  We celebrated with 100 family members and close friends.
What does this day have to do with HPD you may ask? Well, for one without the support of my husband I must admit HPD wouldn't be where it is today. As many hours and late nights as I have clocked, I venture guess Greg has clocked just as many. We are total opposites and  we disagree on almost everything. Making business decisions with HPD was no exception. Here's an example " Who cares about packaging?" Greg exclaimed on one very late night circa 2008, ummm "EVERYONE!" I cried! In the end like this and many other arguments, Greg came around and realized I was right yet again.....
In any event several years later, a booming business off the ground a heartfelt thank you to Greg for all his support especially on my low days when I was ready to call it quits.
Now since I have been married for 15 years and have experience in 14 years of  last minute I have no anniversary gift for my wife followed by a panicky question "What do you want???"  I am going to make it easy and inexpensive for Greg this year and only ask for one thing....
That's techno speak for what you see is what you get - its the ability for you to type in text on the HPD web site and see the text and the product as it would look so you can edit on the fly.
We'll see if Greg take that first offer of if I need to find an expensive sparkly back up at TiffanyVan Cleef  or Cartier......
PS. Yes I had to scan these photos - 1997 was film photography!
I loved loved loved this dress and would wear it every day if possible. I wanted to have it put in display in my living room after I saw the Jackie O exhibit. It freaked Greg out a bit!

Greg's childhood friends were the groomsmen.

Greg with my sister, roomate from college and 2 best friends growing up. The flowergirl is my neice and she finishing up college this year at Villanova.

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