Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Then and Now

There have been many inventions since 1976, when I was 5 and starting kindergarten in Lake Oswego, Oregon. "The Old Days" as my kids refer to the years I was growing up in the 70s and 80s. Microwaves, digital watch (that was  a hot look!), VHS & Beta, ATARI, Rollerblades, MTV, Walkmans, CDs, Personal Computers, MS - DOS, Cabbage Patch Kids, Disposable Cameras, Disk Cameras, Cordless Phones, Mobile Phones, Email, The Internet, Flat Screen TVs, Blue Ray, Laptops, iPhones, iPods. iPads the list goes on and on...
I got a good laugh to see that one that that hasn't changed in over 35 years -- Kindergartner's wearing a big tag with their bus number to ensure they get on the right one the first week of school.
Happy Back to School!
Me, 1976. First day of kindergarten at Uplands, Lake Oswego, OR. My dog Spot is 4 months old. Class of '89.
Jackson, 5 years old too. First day of Kindergarten 2012. Class of 2025. (this is approx photo 55 - Jackson was over it!)


  1. I hope it was all he dreamed of today! I know he has been thinking about KDG for a long time...

  2. Indeed - he told me "kindergarten is my dream" adorable!! thanks for your comment!