Saturday, May 7, 2011

Family Photo Shoot

The boys are having fun here

Running and being goofy.


Jackson wishing he knew the rules or how to play.

Greg and Thomas looking at the fish pond.

Cherry Blossoms in full bloom are so beautiful only to be eclipsed by my beautiful boys!

This was the first photo - Jackson climed right up on the bench and posed

Great family shot - one of the last ones we all look like its been quite an hour!

Awwww - brothers!

Always on the list - a photo of my and my boys

Classic shot of the 2 brothers - Tina capture the essence of that moment perfectly.

Thomas brought along the book he was reading Diary of A Wimpy Kid (I dont know where he gets that habit from...) So perfect that we found these 2 adirondack chairs in the park. Love this photo!

I recall asking Thomas to sit next to Jackson on the bench when we arrived. Thomas couldnt resist the opportunity to tickle him!

I dont know which is more stressful a photo shoot for Hampton Paper or one for the Mika Family. Both seem to entail hours of prep work. ( I know that sounds a bit crazy) but for the family photo shoot there is selecting and ordering the outfits for the boys, choosing a venue, hair cuts , hair style and make-up and for me... the list seems to be endless.

Fortunately, one thing is consistent and that the photographer, Tina Bazala from Tina Bazala Photography. Tina used to be local to the DC area but moved to the mid west a few years ago. Fortunately she makes it back to DC two times per year, spring and fall and we are able to schedule a photo session. It's hard to believe how long I have known Tina. Her most famous shots are of Thomas when he was just a few weeks old.

Selecting "cute" outfits for boys - always a challenge. This year I had to try to find an alternative to my standard RL shirt. I did find these adorable St. James shirts at Crew Cuts. Nice and classic and a perfect contrast to the spring colors. The shoes - Chucks from Nordstrom. About as "cute" as you can get for boys shoes unless you consider the Gucci sneakers but even I couldnt fork over the coin they were asking for those shoes that would fit less than 6 months.

As is typical for the early spring shoot - it was FREEZING out. I mean, my new lovely Calypso shirt didnt make its debut in even one picture. I was freezing in my spring rain coat. I had vivid memories to the year prior - same thing!

When all is said and done I am always thrilled to see how many amazing shots Tina is able to capture of my babies that are growing so quickly. Tina knows just what to do to bring out their best. Its reallly a talent. I am enjoying looking at these photos over and over and each time find a new favorite or two.

If you had a spring photo family session I hope you too ended up with many to treasure.

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  1. Thanks Kristin!! I always love working with your family and those sweet boys! I always look forward to seeing them through my lens and watching them grow!