Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dress The Part: Armani Makeup

Luminous Silk Foundation: It leaves a flawless finish (really!)

Face Fabric- Love this sheer cover for hot summer days.

Rouge d'armani Lipstick: There is just something about the color and shine that is perfectly blended. I love colors 500 and 502.

This is the best mascara on the market. (yes, even better than Lancome Difinicils)

I am not sure why there isnt more buzz about Armani makeup. I love my Bobbi Brown just as much as the next girl but am amazed that there isnt more hype around Armani. I just love their products - if you are looking for some new makeup for summer, here are my top picks!

PS. If you have some extra money in the bank and or have just taken out a 2nd mortgage I recommend any of the Creme Nara products. To die for but they will set you back a bit!

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