Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Must Be Somebody's Baby....

Me, 1977 Lake Oswego, Oregon

Paperwhites - The first store to carry Hampton Paper

Hamtpons Magazine - The first to feature Hampton Paper!

The Elegant Setting at their new location, 27 West Main Street, Southampton

The Dandelion Patch Locations: Reston, Vienna, & Leesburg, VA and Georgetown

Memorial Day Weekend this year brings to mind the celebration of two very special babies, one person's baby is 40 and the other's is 4. Can you guess who they are?

Well, I am the baby in my family (I am so sure you would have guessed that by now) and my youngest, Hampton Paper is turning 4! Wow, time has flown and I am just in amazement at how far we have come in such a short time! I am have fond memories of some of the highlights:

The voicemail message from Sara at Paperwhites in San Marino, California saying they just LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the line and please send them the binders immediately! Paperwhites was the first store to carry our line.

A call from Stephanie Finkelstein, owner of The Elegant Setting to order notepads for her spectacular store. It was our first wholesale order and I was over the moon that Stephanie with her impecable taste found Hamton Paper to be a great additon to the beautiful things in her amazing store!

The call from Hamptons Magazine to feature our stationery in their magazine. Another first!

An email from beautiful Jana Kramer's delightful mom to help create the invitations for her wedding. (not to mention the great feature of our product in OK Magazine!)

A note from business woman extroidonaire, Heidi Kallet, owner of The Dandelion Patch asking to add Hampton Paper to her collection of personalized paper offerings in all 4 of her stores!

Postings on some of the hottest party blogs showcasing Jackson's firetruck party including:

The Cake Blog

Fete Fanatic

Starships and Laserbeams

(I would like to think this was because of the party and not just becuase of the cute fireman named Curtis)

As I continue to reflect I think about how the company has grown and developed. I am grateful for all the stores and resellers that I work with as they are ALL simply put, a pleasure to work with. I am grateful to all the people who have supported us from day one and continue to support our small business and share in the love of the simplicity and beauty of the line. Thank you!. Offering something special and unique is our primary goal. We always want people to love what they receive as much as we love creating it.

What's your favorite Hampton Paper memory?

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