Wednesday, November 16, 2011

dear santa

My kids mailed their letters to Santa in September. Proactive and organized. I know exactly where they get those traits from! I must admit I feel a little competitive with Santa each year. I accept that he is suppose to give the big over the top gifts but I am jealous. I do all the work and he gets all the credit. Am I the only one?

I am really trying this year to get ahead of the game an order early. The kitchen set I wanted for Jackson from Pottery Barn Kids is already back orderd. Not getting what I want makes me CRAZY. I know better than to wait. I love some of the new Lego offerings, including this adorable VW Camper Van. Let me know what's on the top of your list to Santa this year. I am looking for some good ideas!

Hampton Paper Santa Cards $3.00 on Etsy

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