Monday, November 28, 2011

Lily's Skating Party

There are great parties and then there are GREAT PARTIES! Lily's 8th birthday party held at a local Skating Rink was so much fun.... for everyone! Hampton Paper created the ice skate image just for Lily!

Lily is turning 8, please join us for a birthday skate!

Gift and Favor Table.

My friend Kim (Lily's mom) and I used HPD place cards and attached to small bags filled with lip balm. It was such a great idea and worked perfectly with the theme. I would have loved this when I was 8. ( remember Bonne Bell lip gloss?)

I had a print personalized, matted and framed for Lily. As soon as her younger sister Lauren saw it, she had to have one too. I should have known since I am a younger sister too and had to have everything my sister had when were were that same age.

The Hershey bars were part of the favors too and were a huge hit.

Kim had an instructor give a 30 minute lesson for all the kids. It was so special and generous!

The Birthday Girl Lily on the ice.

Lily's sister, Lauren, gets warmed up too.

Whoa... Jackson looks a bit wobbly.

Are my knuckles white holding on to the wall? Really, I am just catching my breath after the triple toe loop I just landed.

Kim had cake served before we hit the ice. Everyone was having a great time.

The Darwaza Family, Kim, Basil, Lily and Lauren. Thanks so much for sharing the big day and the photos with us and for inviting Hampton Paper to work on it with you! It was so much fun and will be remembered for many years to come!

Photos compliments of Tina Bazala Photography

HPD Products:

Invitations 25 for $75.00

Hershey Bars 25 for $75.00

Place Cards 12 for $12.00 (on lip balm)

Framed Personalized Print $75.00

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