Monday, April 16, 2012

The Inside Scoop

I had a brilliant idea probably about a year ago to segment my blog and have a theme each day of the week. One was a behind the scenes guide to running a small business. Not that I am an expert but I figured at a minimum those thinking of starting a business might be inspired to take it to the next level and maybe just learn from my mistakes! I was going to call it "The Inside Scoop" or "Behind the Scenes".
Like most of my ideas, it got pushed to the back burner as processing and shipping orders always has to come first! It's no surprise to me that I haven't gotten to it, when you break it down, I work 3 full time jobs and 2 of the 3 are 24 by 7! So, with that said I am forever grateful to the other ladies in the blogsphere who do manage to not only find the time but deliver amazing content in the process. Thanks to Vana from Le Papier Studio and Jena from Miss Modish. I took their pitching advice and am sending out a few of our new small round stickers to editors of my favorite magazines - FoodNetwork, Hamptons Magazine and Capitol File. Since I am a big fan of The Secret, I am putting my wish out to the universe for an immediate positive response!

I choose images for each editor that I thought corresponded well with their magazine. Food & Holidays for Food Network, Summer Theme for Hamptons Magazine and Summer and Fashion for Capitol File - Yes- included the two elephants in case the editor is a Republican!
Wish me luck! And stay tuned I will keep you posted on my progress

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