Monday, April 30, 2012

Mirror Mirror

I have always wanted to do an outdoor movie in the summer. I hope 2012 is the year we actually plan and do it! I just took my son Jackson to see Mirror Mirror. Have you seen it? It's a great movie and as much as I love my girl Julia(we named a HPD shoe after her!) the prince played by Armie Hammer(you may recognize him from The Social Network) stole the show! I think Mirror Mirror would be a great film to feature!

Here's what I am thinking for the party. Big screen outside and I stumbled upon this popcorn bar idea on The Party Dress site that was inspired by Jessica Kirkland from Pen n Paperflowers. I noticed the carriage in the movie looks just like the one we did for William and Kate's wedding last year. It will be perfect for the invitations. Cant wait for this party!
Inspiration photo from Pottery Barn
                                                    How adorable is this popcorn stand?
Here's what I am going to use on the invitations!

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