Wednesday, August 15, 2012


 If you read my blog regularly you may have notice I have missed a few days. I apologize. If you
havent ever written a blog, its a ton of work...especially for me because I try to take my own photos  and not use stock ones. There is actually a reason for my absence.... I had a goal of August 31, 2012 to get all my house projects done. Yep, it included more landscaping, having the driveway repaved, music wiring inside and outside, furniture, re-upholstery, lamps, built-ins, carpet, hardwood floors for the basement the list seems to go on and on! We are 2 weeks out from my deadline and its been mass chaos to say the least. On the bright side, a lot it getting done and I am pretty sure I am going to meet my goal! Here is a sneak peak of a few "before" photos.
In my old house I had a beautiful Milling Road by Baker Armour for my TV. I had to get a new TV and the new styles dont fit in the old cabinets anymore. So we temporarily used the bottom of the cabinet for the TV until we completed the built in. They installed it on Saturday -wait till you see the transformation!
I told you we had a Red Room of Pain (LOL!). All kidding aside the previous owners loved this color red. You may remember  it was also the color of my kitchen. They used this room as a movie theater. We used it as a play room but in all honesty without windows, no one really went back there so we decide to tear down the walls. Seriously its not possible to get a good photo with that color!!!

We are loosing 2 good closets that I had elpha shelving in. I am bummed.

I hope you can see the other room from here - Seafoam green. Restoration Harware circa 2000 I think. The carpets are getting ripped up on  Saturday and replaced with 5 inch wide hardwood floors.
 These pics are terrible. I was rushing  bc I almost forgot to take them. Aldo was getting ready to start tearing down the walls.  The exercise bike hasnt been used in 4-5 years. If I could move it, I would get it out to the curb!

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