Thursday, August 16, 2012

Etsy Before and After

As long as I am sharing my before and after photos, I might as well point our some changes I was able to make on our Etsy site. The bottom two "before" and really should be called the "in between photos". (What was listed before was even more dreadful!) I had read my camera manual and started to update the photos with ones taken with out a flash but I hadn't had my lesson yet. I also started moving everything to the same white background to create cohesion and simplicity. The site appears much more relaxing and less busy. What do you think about the changes?

If you havent visited our Etsy store before please take a look! Typically this is where I list new items when they first come out. Also you can find some great deals like our inventory sale.

Etsy site after some of the photos were updated.
Etsy site before photos were updated. Flash photography was used and the ones that didnt have a flash are muddy and grey.

Another Before Shot - so embarrassing. Look at the background on some of these. Uggh.

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