Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mistakes Were Made

Do you remember my Back To School Party last year? Well it was such a huge success I am planning another one for my younger son Jackson who starts kindergarten this year. My theme is "Class of 2025". I made a HUGE mistake last year and waited until August to get the supplies for the party. I had to go from store to store looking for the items on my list as most places were sold out by early Aug. I learned from my mistakes and hit Target in July as soon as these goodies hit the shelves. I scored great prices on them as well. We'll keep you posted on our progress. If you are planning a back to school party - send us a note. We would love to help!

Crayons were .77 each at Target Bargain!

Compositon Notebooks .70 each. I will add a Class of 2025 sticker on the front with the Graduation Cap.

I opted for glue sticks this year - I guess the regular glue is a bit dated!

Markers were only $1.00. I actually buy extra of the markers and crayons at these great prices and keep them around to grab quickly for road trips. 

The Rulers were the most difficult to find last year in Aug. Sold out everywhere! These were only .52 at Target. Totally great price.

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