Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Holiday Photo- Check!

Every year I think that getting a good photo of my boys for my Christmas card will be the death of me. Somehow during our very busy season the deadline creeps up way to fast and I am scrambling at the last minute looking for anything that may work. With young kids, they grow so much so quickly, its too obvious to use one from a few months ago.
I am so happy to report that we were fortunate to have had Tina from Tina Bazala Photography stop by a few weeks ago to snap some great photos and one that will certainly work for this year.
I tried to get the boys to wear button down shirts but they said "absolutely not" so I used back up of long sleeved green t-shirts from crew cuts. BOYS!
Here is a fun out take from the photo shoot. It was one of the last pictures and the boys had just had enough! 
Perhaps you recognize this door?
We would love to help you with your photo cards this year. Send us the photo, text and image and we will send you a complimentary proof.

House on Rose Grove HPD Image

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