Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thomas' Room - Revealed and Finished (almost!)

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you may know that we moved into a new house about two years ago and have been busy working on making it our home, room by room.

The bedroom for my 9 year old son, Thomas, was on the top of my list. You may remember a few blogs from last year where I shared some of the ideas I had found. As I noted, finding bedding and accessories for a boys room that isn't tacky is a challenge in itself. If you are a mommy of a boy, you know my struggle.

I shared a few posts with status updates and after almost a year, we are almost done.

Like so many projects, you have a vision in mind and hope and pray that after all the decision and money you end up with something you love.

Thomas room exceeded my expectations. Everything fit together perfectly, even the bedding which many people advised me against. (I know its a big formal for a nine year old boy, but is so elegant and classic and so my style I couldn't resist. In the end I had to go with my gut and I am so happy I did.)
If you are in the process of decorating for a boys room, I hope you find a bit of inspiration from this post.
These bunny prints from the 1940s provided the inspiration for the color combination. Thomas' favorite color is orange.

 Matouk Custom Bedding (Newport Pattern) with custom stripes in Orange. They have a lot of color and monogram options to choose from.  Totally custom and I love that I wont see it anywhere else!
The wallpaper is Ralph Lauren Colden Oxford-Blue . It's actually oxford fabric. We added crown molding for an nice finishing touch.
We recovered  Thomas reading chair with a Ralph Lauren Navy Blue indoor/outdoor fabric. Indoor/Outdoor fabric has come a long way. If you are looking a fabric for a boy or girls room, it's a great option as it cleans easily and wont fade. Matouk blanket on chair. Valence fabric is Ralph Lauren Rowthorne Crest Admiral.
Thomas has a huge closet so I felt it needed a little something to incorporate it into the room. I wanted to be able to open the doors and see a little surprise. Something that show no detail was left to chance.  I opted for this Ralph Lauren Pritchett Blue Stripe. Shelving is from The Container Store.
This Ralph Lauren Strand Stripe Tiger Lily fabric is what I had originally found for the bedroom but with only 5 yard left anywhere, I used it for the shower curtain. Its a great contrast to the nautical wallpaper, Ralph Lauren Rowthorne Crest Admiral.

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