Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Memories: The Big Gift

Me and my Barbie Dream House - Christmas circa 1975.
Today we are now officially less than a week away from Christmas!  For the last 18 days my son Jackson starts every morning with "How many more days until Christmas" and " Can I please open one gift today". These questions cause my mind to flood with my own childhood memories and the excitement and anticipation I felt waiting for Christmas to arrive. I am not surprised by my children's impatience and eagerness as I was notorious back in the day for begging to open gifts early, shaking everything and yes truth be told on one Christmas peeling back the wrapping paper and peaking in the boxes. I searched our house from top to bottom looking for gifts. I was pleasantly surprised one year to find many board games (included my most wanted Payday & Life) under the bed in the spare bedroom and Gerbils in a cage in my mom's closet. However, even with these premature discoveries, Christmas couldn't arrive fast enough.

Our family has an over the top style to all celebrations including Christmas. My fondest memories include the beautifully decorated house always with two trees, formal and informal, a set yearly menu which included some of my favorites, fondue for Christmas Eve and Artichoke Casserole and homemade Sour cream Coffee Cake for brunch. In addition to an abundance of items from Santa, there were loads and loads of gifts under the trees.

Since my parents were divorced, our Christmas break always included a trip to NYC to see my dad and of course another celebration.

Each year, my sister, Meri, and I would ask for what we considered "a big gift". Yep, you know the one thing that you want more than anything. Cabbage Patch Doll, Merlin, Atari, Simon, Gerbils, Snoopy Watch, Baby Alive, Easy Bake Oven, Barbie Dream House (do they still sell this? If they do hopefully the string for the elevator doesn't get stuck anymore!). As we got older  the most wanted list included Walkmans, Skis, Guess Jeans, CB Jackets, Gucci Shoes, Coach Purses, LV purses, perfume and anything from Benetton!

Our visit to NYC to see my dad included another "big" gift which was tickets to the most popular play on Broadway - Annie, Peter Pan, Barnum to name a few.

I hope as you wrap up your Christmas shopping (no pun intended) you have a moment to remember some of your happiest holiday memories and that you have the joy of either receiving or giving a "big gift" this year!

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