Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Handwritten Note

First Semester, Sophomore year of college, University of VT.
I guess the check was late this month? Love the P.S note!
Love this article in WSJ sent to me by a good friend called The Lost Art of the Handwritten Note. I have many handwritten letters from my grandparents and parents that I treasure. Growing up writing letters for me was a major form of communication. (remember when you could get a pen pal from another country?)

My parents were divorced so my grandmother would give my sister and I stationery and have it pre-addressed and stamped- so all we had to do was write the letter. Most of mine to my dad just simply said "Love, Krissy" but I am sure that was enough. I often wrote to my grandparents and I still have many of the letters they sent to me.  Some favorite letters include a detailed one from my grandfather, Dr. William L. Bendel on how to play duplicate bridge, one from my grandmother, Mary Lombardo Mattera that included a great deal of family history about her parents and siblings.

I treasure so many of these letters, some literally dating back to the early 70s, not just because it was great to receive the mail at the time (like during the many, many years I went to camp) but I love not only the the time the person who sent it took out of their busy schedule just for me but there is something really special about seeing the handwriting of someone you love. The article notes
" Handwriting can be untidy and malformed and difficult to read, but there is always going to be someone who recognizes even the worst of handwritings and treasures it because of who it comes from." Isn't that so true?

Now I am the first to admit, that in college the handwritten notes that came from my Dad at the beginning of the month included a check, but there was always as quick handwritten note of encouragement. It wasnt written on fancy stationery, sometimes it was on his work letterhead but usually it was written on a prescription notepad. Nothing too detailed,  just a few sentences that included words of encouragement at a time when I probably needed them most.

So as you think about sending a few thank you notes this holiday season, to friends, family and neighbors, think about the art of the handwritten note before you begin to type that email!

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