Monday, February 11, 2013

2013: The Year of Firsts

I have shared with you that I have a top 10 goal list for HPD. If you have been reading my blog you may also know I typically try to associate each year with a big personal goal (the year of the engagement, wedding, house, baby, 2nd baby, bigger house, pool etc).  We've come up with a good one for 2013, The Year of Firsts. My son Thomas and I have a goal to try as many new things as possible this year. We checked a number of things off our list in January on our trip to St. John's. My list wasn't quite as impressive as Thomas' but I did try stand up paddle boarding which was incredible! (this is a terrible pic from the trip but the only one I could find!!)

Here's is Thomas' very impressive list:

1.I ate butter that is sold for over $600 a pound
2.saw at least 15 sea turtles
3.paddle boarded
4. Made international friends
5.went snorkeling
6.saw a lobster
7.saw a star fish
8.saw wild donkeys,cats,lizards,and Iguana's
9.tried lobster
10.tried ginger beer
11.saw a angle fish
12. Slept in a hotel room with two floors
13.tried tropical punch caught in a riptide
15.went to woody's
16.saw a dolphin
17. Gone on two ferry,s
18.went to the Caribbean
19.saw colonial ruins
20.went to st. Thomas
21.saw three cruise ships
22.deviated a stream
23.rode on a yacht
24.saw thousands of fish
25.riding in a open top cab
26.went to trunk nest
27.did not die at hawk nest

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