Thursday, February 14, 2013

Some Days... Part II

In a blog post in December, I mentioned that as a working mom juggling so many things, I missed the gingerbread house decorating party at my son's school given my hectic schedule. I would be negligent if I didn't also include in a a blog an example of when my work offers me the opportunity to do something that I might otherwise not be able to afford to do.

My youngest son, Jackson is huge Washington Capitals fan and had a 6th birthday coming up in early February. With the exciting announcement in late January that hockey would resume play and an upcoming home game in Washington, DC at the Verizon Center, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take our avid little fan to his first game.

We spared no expense on the gift - 4 tickets, first row behind the penalty boxes, valet parking (my favorite perk), ice cream, pretzels popcorn and drinks to complete the experience. We even had a die hard fan behind us screaming at the refs which provided a lot of color.

I received so many nice and supportive notes from friends and family and words of encouragement that there would be other opportunities. I am headed to the school today for Jackson's Valentine's Day party. I hope  the Caps game +  this party it will compensate for the missed event in December.

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