Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I've Been Searching....

Etoile Towels
Eolaine Bedding

Gatsby Washable Silk
I've been searching for fabulous towels for years. Really, its been a mission of mine to find towels that remain soft plush and absorbent wash after wash. It doesnt seem like that tall of an order. I mean we can get a man on the moon but we can't manufacture a decent towel. Really? I have tried many brands (that shall remain name less, but you know who you are) until I hit a winner!
Flash back to summer '10 when I received a 20% off flyer in the mail from Yves Delorme. Hmmm. this got me thinking. I had purchased 2 towels from them a year or so ago and although very small (possibly bath size for children, but that is a mystery for another day) they were very near to fulfilling my towel wish list. I had just moved into my new home and decided it was the perfect time to invest in new towels for everyone.
I am pleased to report the towels turned out to be fab. Totally soft even after months and months of use and laundering. In addition, they stayed pristine white and maintained that fluffy new look. Did I mention that I am a lone woman in a house with a husband and 2 young sons? You can be assured that these towels havent been coddled, they are not hanging nicely in a spare bathroom somewhere, they are working towels!

Giddy from the success of my completed town mission, I am forging ahead. I am looking forward to my new purchase from Yves Delorme. I am expecting their bed linens to live up to the standards set by those fantastic towels. I purchased the linens in the Eolaine pattern in Flax and a blanket and shams in the Gatsby their washable silk and I am confident they too will be soft and luxurious.

I am waiting on one more piece and then I will post before and after photos!

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