Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Will You Be Mine?

I am already thinking about Valentine's Day. I have a very clear memory of the excitement that surrounded Valentine's Day when I was in grade school. From making the mail box (by decorating a shoe box or a large brown paper bag- we were very high tech in Glens Falls, NY) to reading the cards from class mates; it was always a fun time of year.
I remember carefully choosing the Valentine cards from Schatz, taking a great deal of time addressing each one to my friends and decorating them with stickers. I was very careful of course not to send any "mushy" ones to the boys. Except maybe one boy... Do you remember your first Valentine's Day crush? I do. I wonder where he is now....

Some things have changed but my love of Valentine's day has not. I am looking forward to helping my kids create personalized Valentines for their friends.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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