Monday, January 17, 2011

Ring The Bell, Sound the Alarm!

My son Jackson is turning 4 in February and you know I love, love, love to plan a birthday party (or any party for that matter)! Birthday parties are a big deal around my house, excepting one big milestore coming up that I would just as soon forget, thank you very much. I think you ladies know where I am coming from on that one. Back to the matter at hand I am consumed with the fact that he will only turn 4 once so why not go all out? Like most boys his age, Jackson is obsessed with Firetrucks so we decided to make that the theme. So far we have had a blast planning the party.

The following is what we have done so far-
Step 1. Call upon Hampton Paper artist Lucy to create some fabulous images around our theme (yes I freaked at the mailbox when the arrive because they are so perfect!)

Step 2. Now its time to create and send the invites; which we all know is where a great party starts. The guests will know they are in for a treat.

Step 3. Speaking of treats, call Kristy Patterson of Sweet Nothings to start planning a candy table. Nothing says birthday fun like a munch of rambunctious 4 year old boys and girls running around hopped up on sugar! (Sweet On)

Step 4. Next on my list, contact party planner extrodionare and author of Kiki's List, Krista Salmon for some great brainstorming ideas.

Step 5. Call James Woo from James Woo Photography so we can capture the event!

Stay tuned to see how we plan the entire party!

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