Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Art of Giving

It's really a wonderful thing to see children who so easily get caught up in the "I want..." during the holidays to seek true joy and excitement in giving. I did these 4 by 4 notepads for a client as noted in an earlier blog and liked them so much I did them for the boys teachers. Both Thomas and Jackson had such a great time choosing the images for each of their teachers. They really thought about what image they would like - books for the librarian, paint palette for the art teacher, skates for the gym teachers, gumball machine for the school counselor, milk and cookies for the school nurse etc. Jackson handed his out to his teachers yesterday and couldn't wait to give it to them and explain why he choose the image he did. It was such a pleasure to see him experience how great it feels to give someone a gift you know they will love! Thomas is going to hand his out today after his school party.

Thomas' teacher gifts all wrapped and ready to go. We used the snowman and round dot stickers. I did some from Thomas and some from Jackson below. We can customize your personalized stickers to be from more than one child in your order - just let us know. Bags and ribbon are also available.

Jackson's teachers. Love the images.

For one of the young 20 something teachers in Jackson's class. He thought she would like the nailpolish. I agree!

Jackson's amazing teacher Ms. Barbara Ann loves music and has shared this passion with the kids.

So many options to choose from.

I bet this image is a best seller from 2011. It looks amazing printed. It was painted for a wedding last year.

Another best seller. These books are so classic. Many request for a kids version. We will get that done in early 2012.

I love that Thomas chose this new cookies and milk image for the nurse.

So fun!

For the gym teacher.

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