Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thomas' Pool Party Revealed

Remember the birthday parties you had when you were a kid? The most important things were that all your friends were there to help you celebrate and your mom baked you your favorite cake. Well, we decided this year to scale down a bit on Thomas' birthday party and keep it simple. We managed to do that ( I admit I have a few moments where I started spinning out of control with the ideas...) and wow what a great time was had by all (incuding me). We have a few last minute things to get ready on Saturday morning but by 12:00 we were finished with 4 hours to spare so we relaxed by the pool and waited for our guests to arrive. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day 82 and sunny and no humidity. I think this might have been Thomas's favorite party so far!!

The kids went swimming, relaxed in the hot tub (so spoiled kids today!!), ate burgers and then we had cake and an ice cream sundae bar. Then, you guessed it, back to the pool!!!
Love these goodie baskets. I included a beach towel, legos, big box of candy and of course Shark Bait (bubble gum!)

Fresh flowers....tried to look for boysih colors, not always easy!

Thomas contemplating his wish. You should have heard the oohhhhs and ahhhs from the kids about his cake. They where overwhelmed by all those Kit Kat's and M&Ms. The cake idea is from Made in Melissa's Kitchen
Little Brother Jackson steps in to help blow out the candles.
Hmmm wonder what that wish was.....

This brings a smile to my face - a table full of goodie baskets for the kids. They flipped when they saw them. One little girl thought the baskets were better than what the Easter Bunny delivered.

I used HPD postcards for the tags. A quick whole punch and ribbon and tada - they were a great size.
Little thank you note from Thomas on the back of the Post Cards. Loved these beach towels I found at Target. They were super soft and a great price.

Close up of goodie baskets. Loved these towels that had Lobsters on them from Target.
Close up of Shark Bait!
This is the debut of our new style for invitations.  I added a gift enclosure with important information about the party!
WOW- 9!!!!
My last minute idea... Shark Bait. Little glassine bags filled with Gum.
Adhering to our home made theme - Thomas wrote the "Welcome" sign
Jackson and Thomas prepare the cake. Sundae Bar supplies in the background.
"More M&Ms" they said!
Jackson wrote a "to do" list for us for Saturday.  Pretty good writing and spelling for age 5!

I had these fill in thank you notes printed a head of time so we could get started on them right away. I should have just had "LEGO'S" preprinted as that is what he received from almost everyone. I guess they know what Thomas likes!

Do you want to re-create this party? We are happy to help! Here is where we purchased the supplies. Send us a note so we can assist you!
Hampton Paper Invitations
Hampton Paper Gift Enclosures
Hampton Paper Post Cards
Hampton Paper Fill in Thank you Notes
Baskets Michaels
Lego's Lego Store
Candy Target
Beach Towels Target
Items are available on Etsy and our web site.

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