Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Greg's Summer Picks

Lucky for me, the three day weekend meant that my husband Greg had time to take a trip to Williams Sonoma. I thought I would share what he picked up!

The Jade Sichuan Peanut Sauce is our FAVORITE! Greg grills chicken, onions and yellow & red peppers and then mixes it with ziti pasta. Its an amazing entree or side dish in the summer. Everyone who has ever had it has raved. Try it, its so yummy.

Jackson's favorite weekend treat is waffles. This waffle mix from WS is the BEST.

Last night I had chicken and rice with the Miso Sauce. It was delicious.

Greg is obsessed with buying and making his own meat and veggie rubs. We like this Smoke house one shown here and below are the ones he made himself a few years ago. We packaged them in Mason Jars and added a HPD sticker and gave them to family and friends.

A sauce/rub or two make a good summer hostess gift!

BTW - he also came back with a sno cone machine and syrups. Cant wait to use that at the block party this weekend!

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