Monday, October 8, 2012

Honey Crisp Apples

I think fall has finally arrived  in DC! I love this time of year as it I have fond memories of apple picking at Hick's Orchard in upstate NY. There isnt anything tastier than an apple, right off the tree. Would you believe I was able to get that same taste from an apple at the grocery store?

I as at Giant on Friday grabbing a few items including some Red Delicious Apples. They have been terrible this year - possibly given the drought.  The woman next to me was also buying apples and she said  "Have you tried these Honey Crisp Apples? They are delicious".  (In Northern VA, its very unusual for someone to speak to you at the grocery store. Seriously, the last time someone said something to me was probably. "Move, you are in my way". This doesn't count the woman who hit me with her shopping cart at Target and when I said "You just hit me with your cart" She proceeded to hit me again. Nice huh? )

So anyway, I reply "No, I haven't tried them." She says "You must" and "Be sure to get a good one, they are expensive" "Which one is a good one I say?" She hands me the one in her hand and says  "Take this one". I took it home and tried, it. No wonder that woman was in the zone about Honey Crisp Apples. They are AMAZING!!!! I went back the next day to get more and shared them w. my boys. They were sold too!

So, next time you are at the store buying apples give the Honey Crisp a try and to the friendly woman at Giant, thanks for the great recommendation!

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